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Arnel Tanyag Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club Strategic Coach

Arnel Tanyag was born in the Philippines. He moved to the United States because of his father; Venus Tanyag was seeking a better life for his family by joining the US Navy. He traveled as a young child from the west coast to the east coast.

He has a diverse background. He was 8404 Hospital Corpsman with 4th Amphibious Assualt Vehicle Battalion with the United States Marine Corps where they served in Operation Desert Storm in 1990. He has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Old Dominion University.

He always had the heart to help people but realize his passion was helping small business owners grow. He has been doing that for over 20 years from his start with BNI in the Southeastern Virginia as an Area Director to a Co-Owner of a business advisory and business consulting franchise to a business partnership to his own company, Tanyag & Company. He believes “Build a Lifestyle, not just a Business.” He works with his clients on a daily basis to make that belief a reality.

He currently resides in Bayside section of Virginia Beach, VA. He and his wife, Jeanice married for 20+ years with three great kids: Kyle (21 y.o.), Zoe (14 y.o.), and Nathan (7 y.o.) and a cat, Snow. When he is not working, he is spending time with his family creating fun memories. He is an avid reader of business and personal development books and the bible.

Certified Presentation:

Committed Sphere of Influence

  • Grade your Database
  • Identify 150
  • Communication to Influence
  • Ask for Referrals
  • Events for Your Referral Network

Success Stories

  • Primarily on Social Media
  • Going from Secret Agent to Social Superstar

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Speaker Intro

Arnel Tanyag has been serving business people for over 20+ years sharing his business knowledge, expertise, and wisdom in face to face meetings, workshops, and seminars. He has tremendous success in helping business owners double their income to build a lifestyle, not just a business!!!

When he speaks, he speaks from real life experience, not just from a book. He does his research on how the topic affects the audience. His content is tailored and action-oriented and brings value.

Arnel Tanyag is endorsed by North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Agent Michael J. Maher and was a Founding Member of Michael’s Certified Referral Trainer Academy.

A top-rated speaker, Arnel Tanyag shares what he knows about growing a business especially thru word-of-mouth, relationships, and utilizing the (7L) system. The bottom line is when you build your business based on appreciation, gratitude, and generosity, not only are your financial needs being met, you feel good overall about doing business. It’s a true win to win.

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