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Karen Moon

Karen Moon grew up in Upstate New York. She relocated to Phoenix Arizona in 1981 where she still resides. She has been married to her husband Mike for 32 years and has 2 grown children Abbey and Matt. She also has 4 beautiful grand boys under the age of 4. Her why is her family! She spends her off time golfing, boating and working on a financial money business to help her clients get debt free and grow wealth.

Certified Presentation:

Finding your WHY

  • 2 types of people- those that are Pushed vs Pulled
  • Explain what being pushed in life compared to being pulled
  • 6 things to find your Pull or your Why

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Speaker Intro

Karen is a licensed loan officer for the last 23 years. Her purpose is around helping people discover their dreams and desires. Her passion is to bring solutions to her clients so they can obtain financial freedom. Her vision is to inspire, teach and transform lives.