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Laurie Knudson Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club | Master Series

As one of the premier digital marketing technology trainers and motivational speakers in the region, Laurie manages and develops classes that specialize in bringing marketing concepts, programs and ideas, to real estate and business professionals working together, to bring a better product to the consumer. In addition to real estate education, Laurie conveys marketing strategies designed to break down the concepts into basic steps adding co-branded and networked business communication and insights via internet whenever possible. Laurie has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and housing industry. She is able to cut to the nitty-gritty of what real estate industry experts need to know to get their marketing message out to their customers in a smooth and automated manner. Specializing in, SEO, Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, PInterest and Youtube (to name a few), her leadership continues to offer momentum and excitement at a level few others have ever seen.

Certified Presentation:


  • Understand and become aware of your self-communication
  • Techniques to turn negative outcomes into positive
  • 3 steps you can execute right away to change your business
  • What can you do next to build your referral business

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Speaker Intro

Laurie Knudson is a Realtor in Minnesota known for her training & motivational speaking in the real estate industry and business community. With over 25 years as a Realtor and 10+ years as a teacher/trainer, Laurie educates and coaches professionals looking to grow their business on the systems and structures that have proven successes. Laurie provides streamlined and specific company training and coaching as well as individual educational & business growth plans.

Laurie attended a Generosity Generation event in January of 2018 and has since structured her business plan around Michael Maher’s CATALYST* Group Coaching program. She is consistently active in other programs to constantly learn and implement. Laurie is also a part-time instructor for MAAR (Minneapolis Board of Realtors).

Laurie’s mission is to teach professionals how to thrive with a 100% referral-based business. She is a Founding Member of our elite Certified Referral Trainers course, so this is a can’t miss opportunity to work with her! Contact Laurie to discuss a training or speaking event for you!

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