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Neal Smith Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club | Master Series Strategic Coach Certified Referral Coach

Neal is a long time Sacramento, CA resident. He grew up in Carmichael and attended Jesuit High School. He obtained a Real Estate Finance Degree from Long Beach State. He has developed a successful mortgage practice where he prides himself on providing a unique lending experience for his clients by putting together a highly motivated and dedicated team. His business is 100% by referral, due to the strong relationships he has developed and maintained with his clients and business partners. Neal is a confident leader consistently rated as a favorite speaker for his high-energy, passionate delivery and value-driven approach to sales and service.

Certified Presentation:

The Great Re-Trace

  • No Cost Strategy you can Implement NOW
  • Start with Last Client and Work Backwards
  • How Going Backwards will Earn you Tons of Referrals

The Weekly Scorecard

  • How to Spend 80% of your Time in the Influential Zone
  • How to Bridge the Gap Between Where you are and Where you Want to be
  • How to use Affirmations to Start your Day
  • Learn the Key Things to Track on a Daily Basis


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Speaker Intro

With over 26 years of mortgage experience, Neal is a firm believer in finding happiness in all he does while achieving his financial goals with integrity.

Neal is endorsed by North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Agent, Michael J. Maher, and is a Founding, Masters Series and Faculty Member of Michael’s Certified Referral Trainer Academy. He is passionate about helping professionals looking to improve their business or personal lives. By implementing strategies from 7 Levels of Communication (7L), Neal found a rewarding way to do business.

Consistently a top-ranked speaker at conferences and events, Neal shares his experiences, knowledge and the (7L) system to help business owners have a business that not only feeds their family, but also feeds their soul – a method to achieve not only success, but also significance

Even though Neal has been given many wonderful titles, the ones that mean the most to him are husband and father. Neal lives in Sacramento with his wife, Angie, and sons, Jackson and Max, along with his cat, Frisco and new puppy, Shimmer.


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