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Paul Jensen Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club

Paul Jensen’s real estate experience began when he was in high school where he worked summers as an iron re-bar construction worker.

Before starting at the university he worked as a construction supervisor on a new warehouse building. He attended the Technical University of Denmark and earned a Master’s Degree in Civil and Structural Engineering. After completing his studies, he completed his National Duty as an Army Combat Engineer from which he received an honorable discharge as a 1st lieutenant. While working with a consulting engineering company in Denmark he designed a summer cottage for his in-laws and he also worked with an architect and designed and built his first house in Denmark. The last three years before immigrating to the United States Paul managed the Building Acoustical Laboratory which is part of the Academy of Sciences. After arriving in Massachusetts he worked with Bolt Beranek and Newman as an acoustical engineer and he wrote numerous articles and gave presentations regarding noise control and acoustics both in the US and overseas. He also penned his first book in 1974: How You Can Soundproof Your Home.

Paul has designed and had built his home in Concord. Five years after occupying the home he designed an addition of 600 square feet that he and his wife Vibeke personally constructed. Paul has completely gutted and rebuilt a 16-stall horse barn. Paul is a dog person and he is the founder of the Small Munsterlander Breed in North America. Paul has authored many articles about dogs and the book: The Small Munsterlander – A Breed Apart. As a realtor Paul has worked with investors and buyers of real estate.

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