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Sandy Krestan Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club | Master Series Strategic Coach Certified Referral Coach

Sandy Krestan, Certified Mortgage Planner has based her 34 year career on the philosophy of doing business the right way. Sandy’s reason is that she loves working with clients to help them achieve their dream of owning their own home. She was raised outside of Chicago, in Orlando Park, Illinois. She spends time with her husband and son and her entire family in Arizona. She is an avid animal advocate and she has 3 dogs and 2 horses of her own.

Sandy’s commitment to providing massive value to every coaching client and audience she speaks to, drives her every single day.

You will find an atmosphere of enthusiasm, a spirit of dedication and a great desire to build a quality relationship when working with her.

Certified Presentation:

Give Your Best to Your Best

  • How to dive into your database and get it graded
  • 3 Steps to knowing how many contacts you need to speak with every hour of power
  • The Simple Communication you can implement in 2 minutes

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Speaker Intro

Sandy has based her 34 year professional mortgage career on adding value to her clients and partners that leads to a legacy of financial well being. She brings that same passion to sharing the generosity generation through speaking and coaching. You will find her at home with family and all of her animals. You will find her enthusiasm is contagious.

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When it comes to your database of prospects, do you have analysis paralysis? On this episode of The Referrals Podcast, we welcome Sandy Krestan. In addition to her work in real estate, Sandy is a certified 7L coach and an expert in creating a military-grade database.

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Episode 60: One Woman’s Pilgrimage from Chasing to Attracting to get Referrals

How do you view your database? Do you see it as a way to find those people you need to love and nurture? Too often in sales, the database is looked at as something to grow as big as possible, but it should actually be viewed as a way to nurture your community.

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Episode 61: How An Introverted Insurance Agent Built One of the Top Independent Agencies in America

What’s your personal intrapersonal style? Introverted, extroverted, somewhere in between? All too often, we buy into the notions that certain personality types are pre-ordained to have certain professions. On top of that, people who aren’t that personality type will never be successful in the professions that don’t map neatly into their personality type. We are here today to dash that notion into oblivion!

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Episode 70:  Setting Goals that Get Referrals with Guest Sandy Krestan

On this show, we are discussing our goals for 2020 and how we are going to reach those goals.

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Give Your Best YOUR Best!

You know a lot of people, right? How do you know which ones are deserving of your undivided attention? Everyone? No one? Don’t miss this episode with Sandy Krestan where she dives in and lets us know how to give you best to your best!

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