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Episode 48: House Warming Parties

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, welcome Tara Carter, who got 23 referrals at her last housewarming party thanks to a rock-solid, highly detailed strategy. Listen as we discuss our innovative, reinventive approach to the housewarming party that’s centered on the client.

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Episode 62:  They Laughed at Her Until They Saw Her Referrals

If you’re an avid binger of our show, the name Tara Carter should ring a few bells. A very special guest, who has enjoyed tremendous success following the 7L system, is on the show to share the arc of her career in four years of real estate. Spoiler alert: her first sale was $13 million.

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Episode 63: The Two-Minute Referral Role Play

Every week you’re getting a little dose of our referrals program and hopefully, you are implementing each week to get a little better each time. This week, we are welcoming back Tara Carter as a special co-host and welcoming a new guest, Laurie Knudson. Laurie is a realtor and pre-licensing educator.

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Episode 16: Real-Life Stories of Power Note Success

If you listened to our earlier episode on Notevember, our annual celebration of giving handwritten notes, you’ve already heard how passionate we are about them. In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome Arnel and Tara, two entrepreneurs who have had outstanding business traction with the humble Power Note.

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