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Tim Kister Certified Referral Trainer | Founders Club

Tim was born in St Charles and started out with a career as a radio announcer? Before switching to real estate in 2005.

With over 13 years of real estate experience, Tim is a firm believer in jumping in and implementing. He aims for happiness in all he does while achieving his financial goals with integrity. He strives to show this side of business to other professionals in order to reach prosperity.

He currently resides in Troy, Missouri with his wife, Laurie. They enjoy gardening and soaking in nature.

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Speaker Intro

Born in St Charles MO, Tim developed a love for real estate. He is highly sought after in the Midwest and is almost 100 percent referral based. Tim is a confident leader consistently rated as a favorite speaker for his high-energy, passionate delivery and value-driven approach to sales and service. He has also been named 5 Star Realtor, Certified Referral Trainer and has earned multiple awards from his real estate community.

Tim is endorsed by North America’s Most Referred Real Estate Agent Michael J. Maher and was a Founding Member of Michael’s Certified Referral Trainer Academy.

Tim is passionate about helping professionals looking to improve their business or personal lives. By implementing strategies from (7L) Tim found a new way to do business. “I’m not perfect but will have great things happen. I’ve seen what (7L) has done for me and I want to share that with others.”

Consistently a top-ranked speaker at conferences and events, Tim shares his experiences, knowledge and the (7L) system to help business owners have a business that not only feeds their family, but also feeds their soul – a method to achieve not only success, but also significance.

Even though Tim has been given many wonderful titles, the ones that mean the most to him are husband and father. Tim lives in Missouri with his wife, Laurie, and his 2 dogs Louie and Maci?

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