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Sheri Maher

Born and raised in Kansas, Sheri Maher was raised with good old fashioned values like, "Be a hard worker," and "Always do more than expected." She took these values to heart.

Sheri started out in corporate america and then moved into residential real estate when her husband, Michael Maher, business took off. She helped build their real estate team, focused on the daily operations, and customer satisfaction.

When Michael's book, The Seven Levels of Communication, became an instant best seller she quickly helped develop systems to serve their new clients through events, training, and coaching programs.

Now, she's ready for the next step....the WOMAN conference. Over the years she's listened to many women discuss how being a woman business owner is a much different experience than a man. It's not better or worse, nor harder or's just different. So the vision is to bring women together to discuss strategies for running a business and running your household. The goal is to create a tribe where women are connected, and empowered, because together we can create and accomplish whatever we set out to do.


Mastermind Session 1 - A Gift to Yourself

Mastermind Session 2 - Do we Really Have to be Wonder Woman?

Mastermind Session 3 - My Best Strategies

​Next steps to start your implementation


Lively discussions on organization, processes and systems, and what brings you joy!

Get Connected

Behind every successful woman business owner is a tribe of women who support, inspire, and believe in her. Meet your tribe!

Be Inspired

Learn how other successful women run their business, their home, and their life!


North Hills Country Club
99 Station Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038

Date and Time

August 29, 2019 | 9:00 AM


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