Episode 14: Notevember


Episode 14: Notevember

Isn’t it ironic? The one month of the year dedicated to giving thanks and celebrating veterans begins with the word “no.” On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we honor the true meaning of the month with a new way to celebrate – and one that pays dividends to your business! Yes, my friends, we are talking about NOTEvember, the celebration of the tried-and-true handwritten note.

Listen as we welcome Josh Purvis, an adventure-seeking, Tennessee-born professional who started his career as a licensed loan officer and quickly became a Certified Referral Trainer (CRT). In it, we share our best tips and tricks for being successful with notes, including:
It may seem

  • How to roll notes into your teams’ gamification
  • How to keep note-taking sincere and genuine
  • What the most effective type of stationary is
  • Why the color of the ink influences tone
  • Why pronouns matter when writing notes
  • How to avoid overdoing the note-writing
  • How notes transform your in-person conversations
  • How to leverage the power of positive projection in notes
  • Why the direction of your handwriting – surprisingly – helps!
  • How to appropriately include personal information
  • How to get your notes opened faster every time

unbelievable, but with this method we have received referrals from people who have received our notes, but we have never spoken to. You read that right. Referrals from cold leads. THAT is the power of the handwritten note.

We guarantee, by following this simple, but powerful, method of note-writing that we outline in this episode, you’ll be well on the way to developing deep and lasting relationships that go beyond the transaction.

If you’re convinced, take the note pledge at www.notevember.com and remember – the only bad note is the one never written!

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