Episode 16: Real-Life Stories of Power Note Success


Episode 16: Real-Life Stories of Power Note Success

​If you listened to our earlier episode on Notevember, our annual celebration of giving handwritten notes, you’ve already heard how passionate we are about them. However, if you’re feeling skeptical, your inner monologue may be sowing seeds of doubt, such as:

  • Handwritten notes will never work in my market!
  • Notes are so old-school, nobody does that anymore!
  • 50 cents per note?? I can’t work those variable costs into my budget!
  • Actually, the very reasons you may think that handwritten notes would not be effective are surprisingly the reasons that they will be. In fact, they are so incredibly effective that the results continue to delight and surprise those that use them.

In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome Arnel and Tara, two entrepreneurs who have had outstanding business traction with the humble Power Note. We refresh everyone on the seven steps of a Power Note and ask our guests which steps have moved the needle in their note-writing. Listen now and learn:
Listen to the full podcast now and hear these rich, powerful first-hand stories of note taking. Remember, it’s all about being appreciative when building a business. Give back, give thanks and be sure to check out www.notevember.com and put your appreciation in writing today!

  • How notes keep you top-of-mind with prospective customers
  • Which components of the Power Note work for Arnel and Tara
  • Why influential people are the best people to send a note to
  • How notes with the intention to give, not get, create raving fans for life
  • How to create notes that give you an immediate response
  • Which note rituals Arnel and Tara use weekly to stay engaged
  • How to have fun and engage your team with a note-taking challenge

Learn more about our guests:

Arnel Tanyag helps small businesses grow, learn more at: www.tanyag.net

Tara Carter matches people with homes that they’ll love, learn more at: www.greatfloridahomes.com

On this episode:

Arnel Tanyag
Tara Carter
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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