Episode 18: Zero to 60 Referrals in One Event


Episode 18: Zero to 60 Referrals in One Event

Events are an integral component of nearly every entrepreneur’s repertoire. At a minimum, you attend them in an effort to gain referrals. If you have a firm, you may have hosted events or contemplated hosting one. Likely all of these have happened with mixed results, but why?

In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we discuss how to use events purposefully and strategically. Special guest Don McNaughton convinces us why doing events can help us be referable as individuals and build a referral business.

Don is a fourth-generation realtor who helped to grow the firm his mother started years before him and also helps members of the local community grows their businesses. His firm has also hosted an annual event for the community that has been running for 12 years which has become integral to his business.

Listen to the podcast now as we share why utilizing events, even one big main event, can be an incredibly effective strategy to build your business, including:
Anyone can sell a house in a rising market, it takes an expert to sell a house in a down market and that’s the essence of why creating highly-referable businesses is absolutely critical. Listen now to learn how focusing on giving something free and enjoyable to the community, results in building goodwill and a fruitful business.

  • Why approaching events from a generosity standpoint is key
  • Why hosting an event that’s focused on your business won’t work
  • Which event themes, components and ideas have worked well
  • How events can take your referral business from zero to 60
  • What the single biggest mistake a referral-based business can make is
  • How to appropriately track referrals and gather information
  • What an executable playbook to host events includes

On this episode:

Don McNaughton
Michael Maher
Chris Angell