Episode 19: The Great Retrace


Episode 19: The Great Retrace

​Referrals can be one of the most powerful tools in your business. In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we’ll explore one of the most impactful parts of your referral arsenal - the retrace.

Take the case of our special guest this week, Neal Smith, whose mortgage practice is run 100 percent by referrals!

Neal, who’s well-known for his high-energy and passionate approach to mortgage lending, has 26 years of mortgage experience. Neal prides himself on finding happiness in everything he does while achieving his financial goals with integrity. Today, we’ll discuss how he deploys the great retrace to great effect in his business. Listen now as we discuss:
Once you start calling people up your referral chain, it’s mind-blowing how effective it is. The best part: You get back on top of the minds of people who are already fans of yours. Listen now and learn the goodness to be gained from retracing your referrals - and download a handy, free spreadsheet to get started today!

  • Why appreciation is a tool of influence that feels good for everyone involved
  • Why your network of an army of referrals is more powerful than marketing
  • How to track and follow-up on where your referrals come from