Episode 22: “I Love You a Latte”


Episode 22: “I Love You a Latte”

​If you’ve set your sights on events to build a referral-based business—stop right there. Before you set out on your first event, make sure you have a rock-solid implementation approach. We’ve talked about events in the past, but today we’re going to get deep into how to create events and how to do it the right way.

In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome back Toril Schoepfer. Toril runs the Toril Sells Houses team and has been featured in Realtor Magazine’s “30 under 30” and Risk Media’s “Realtors on the Rise” list. She regularly hosts small events at coffee shops and always walks away with referrals.

Listen and hear our top event implementation tips, including:
Ultimately, an event is the perfect vehicle to stay in contact with your database. It gives you a reason to communicate with your entire database through multiple touch points. Above all, events are all about giving back without premise or expectation of a “catch” or getting something in return. It’s the ultimate way to build goodwill for your business. Listen now and get access to our foolproof approach to hosting your own “I Love You a Latte” event!

  • How to select an event type that attracts more of your tribe
  • How to use door prize entry forms and what information to include
  • How to host a great event even when you’re on a tight budget
  • Which team members should be included in your event
  • How to invite people and personalize the invitations
  • Why events attract referrals versus other means that repel

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell
Toril Schoepfer