Episode 23: How to 5X Your Referrals


Episode 23: How to 5X Your Referrals

​On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome back Karla Pierskalla. Amazingly, Karla moved her business to a new city and still grew from 40 to 212 clients in a short time. Listen as Karla shares how she did it, including:

  • How incorporating daily affirmations transformed her mindset
  • What networking stack Karla uses to drive efficiency
  • How the golden rule changed everything for Karla
  • How to slow down and help clients meet their needs
  • Why asking good, thoughtful questions is critical to growth
  • How to know that the right time to ask for a referral from clients
  • How to communicate with a large clientele in a meaningful way
  • Listen and learn how you can grow your own referral network 5x in 2019. And be sure to visit www.referrralspodcast.com and download your own template to host a book club just like Karla did.

On this episode:

Karla Pierskalla
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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