Episode 26: How a GoFundMe Project Led To Referrals


Episode 26: How a GoFundMe Project Led To Referrals

​Here on the Referrals Podcast, we’ve covered in great detail how to host your own events to build up a referral database. Today, we’ve got a very special guest - Brandon Nelson. Brandon, of Brandon Nelson & Partners out of Bellingham, Washington, is sharing his success in fundraising events.

Brandon started out as a carpenter and a general contractor when he was 20 years old and then moved into the inspection business. In 2006, he moved into real estate and this year his team will close 140 units - $64 million in volume!

Listen in to this hour of power; we’re serving up all the secrets to building a genuine, effective and influence-building fundraising right in your own community, including:
A peripheral benefit of fundraising is that you stay top-of-mind in the community - without promoting yourself or your business heavily. So, get started now and get to know your community, build relationships and build an effective referral network with fundraisers!

  • What elements are essential to a successful fundraiser
  • How to market fundraisers and increase your influence
  • What participating in a fundraiser gives back to the community
  • How to use storytelling to create compelling copy
  • How to create short, compelling videos
  • How to market videos to your database
  • How to effectively positions a fundraiser

After the episode, visit www.referralspodcast.com to download Brandon’s template on fundraising events.

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Brandon Nelson
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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