Episode 27: Running a Referral Based business with Networking and Hot Cocoa


Episode 27: Running a Referral Based business with Networking and Hot Cocoa

​How would you rate yourself in the lost art of building a relationship? Networking is one of the top-requested topics for us to tackle and, of course, networking is all about relationships. Even in a digital world, connections and relationships are what spur viral digital phenomena. Getting relationships right is essential.

On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we’re addressing a viewer request to focus on networking! Our special guest Jodie Osofsky is a realtor in Salt Lake City, Utah who learned the industry from her mom and is famous for her networking skills and growing her business by referral.

Today she shares her the secrets to her annual event, Cookies & Cocoa with Santa. Listen and learn some of her top tips for creating a community- and referral-building event, including:
This and much more in today’s episode, so listen now and keep the comments and emails coming to [email protected] and thank you to all the member of the Referrals Podcast tribe!

  • Why keeping it simple is key to being cost-effective
  • How to add tangible value to the attendees’ experience
  • How to create events that solve problems for your clients
  • What workarounds to use when strapped for resources
  • Why you should take photos and video at every event
  • How to free yourself to network during the event
  • How to sprinkle in messages of your success

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell
Jody Osofsky

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