Episode 28: Networking Groups and Referral Partners


Episode 28: Networking Groups and Referral Partners

​How do you leverage networking groups and referral partners? Are they an afterthought? Do you utilize them only when you need something? If so, let’s reframe that mindset a bit: networks are a way to build relationships with people that could potentially refer you in the future.

On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome Jody Osofsky again to the show. She’s so good we had to bring her back! Listen as Jody shares her top tips for maximizing your networking group experience. And she’s an expert in the networking game - recently 40 percent of her referral business was attributed to her networking group. Listen as we discuss:
Ultimately, you have to be present, be attentive, and actively try to help others, only then can you begin to build the solid relationships that a reap consistent referrals. Be sure to download Jodi’s own template for tracking referral opportunities at www.referallspodcast.com and reach out to Jodi [email protected] as well!

  • How to get past the need to immediately win with networking
  • How to be strategic when networking by helping others
  • What criteria you should look for in a good networking group
  • What to do before, during and after a networking event
  • The right attitude to bring to get the most out of networking
  • How to properly set expectations around network relationships
  • How long to stick to networking groups before leaving

On this episode:

Jody Osofsky

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