Episode 29: How Our Firm Landed $8M in Listings From ONE Client


Episode 29: How Our Firm Landed $8M in Listings From ONE Client

​On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome back Brandon Nelson to share his amazingly inspirational story on how he got $8 million in listings from one client. Not one listing ... $8 million in listings and sales from ONE client!

Listen in as Brandon, the broker and owner of Brandon Nelson Partners in Bellingham, Washington, shares some of the key elements of landing this client, including:
In essence, the team was extremely well-organized, prepared and transparent with this potential client and ultimately won the relationship. Listen now and learn some great tips to impress new clients. Visit http://www.referralspodcast.com/ to download Brandon’s template and visit www.brandannelson.com to learn more about Brandon’s real estate business.

  • How the team of agents worked together to win the client.
  • How they used the process to create marketing collateral.
  • How they matched proposal messaging to their audience.
  • How the team professionally organized the proposal.
  • How financial flexibility helped secure this client.
  • How the team learned the properties inside and out.

On this episode:

Brandon Nelson
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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