Episode 30: Quadrupling Attendance at Client Events in One Year


Episode 30: Quadrupling Attendance at Client Events in One Year

​Have you been considering events to grow pipeline in your area? If you’ve been listening to the podcast and teetering on the edge of hosting your own event, we’ve got one message for you: Get in the game, it’s time to go!

Throughout this event-related series, we’ve been bringing stories of event success from all over the country. On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome special guest Dan Baltzer who shares how to evolve your events to grow over time. Dan is out of Coon Rapids, Minnesota where he leads a team of 40 agents in addition to being an agent and instructor. His first pie-themed event was one year ago, and within one year quadrupled attendees … from 200 to 800 attendees! Listen and learn how to:
This can’t-miss podcast will get you prepped to host events that are engaging, well-organized, build solid relationships, and most importantly drive future business and referrals. Ultimately, when executed well, you can build a community that remembers you and comes back to you when your services are needed.

  • Encourage yourself to do an event
  • Handle invitations and follow-up
  • Foster relationships during the event
  • Create professional events and promotions
  • Remove obstacles from attendance
  • Attract all age ranges to your events
  • Drive engagement with your vendors
  • Create memorable event experiences
  • Increase internet lead conversions
  • Use events to build relationships
  • Create social media buzz during events

To access all of our event-related podcasts, visit www.referralspodcast.com. To connect with Dan directly, feel free to reach out to him on Facebook - just search Dan Baltzer.

On this episode:

Dan Baltzer
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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