Episode 31: Team Call Nights That Are Profitable


Episode 31: Team Call Nights That Are Profitable

​We talk a lot about events on this podcast, but what really truly drives event attendance is taking the time to make calls to every person you want in the room at your event; good old-fashioned, calling people up and asking them to attend your event.

On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome Emily Carew realtor and client events director out of Melbourne. As Emily states, making the calls is when the magic happens. Listen as she shares her insider tips, including:
Out of all the outreach channels you could select - email, Facebook messenger, ads, LinkedIn - calling people and asking them to attend an event is the single best method to get people in the room. After that, you’ll be surprised about the momentum and excitement that grows around making phone calls!

  • How to make phone calls more fun
  • How to make phone calls easier
  • How to build team momentums
  • How to build a theme for call days
  • How to structure call days
  • How to keep your team focused
  • How to move past the initial discomfort

For more information on hosting winning events and to download a Pie Day script to use in calling, visit www.referralspodcast.com

On this episode:

Emily Carew
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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