Episode 32: 7 Gifts of Generosity


Episode 32: 7 Gifts of Generosity

​What does generosity mean to you? More importantly, what does generosity do for you? In our most basic forms, we are all generous creatures who operate from an area of longing to be appreciated and give that appreciation back.

Unfortunately, generosity isn’t something you can just “turn on” and it almost always conflicts with some of the things the world wants from you. However, if we can learn to operate from a generous mindset, moving with the current of humanity instead of against it, we can reap untold benefits. On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we are talking off-the-cuff and unplugged about generosity. Join us as we discuss:

  • The power and the true definition of generosity
  • How to get out of being stuck in a scarcity mindset
  • Why you have to stop comparing yourself to others
  • Why generosity is the cure for low self-esteem
  • The problem with appreciation without the generosity
  • How to transform the outcome of your business calls
  • What the 7 forms of generosity are and how to utilize them

Most importantly, we’ll show you where referrals lie in the generosity equation and how operating from a generosity mindset can result in profitability, reciprocity, and the privilege of more generosity. Listen

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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