Episode 33: Build Your Army of Ambassadors with Business Owners


Episode 33: Build Your Army of Ambassadors with Business Owners

​Who are the soldiers in your army of ambassadors? One of the most effective roles to draft into your army of ambassadors is the local business owner. In this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Nat Wallen, and we’re talking about why - and how - to get more of these Green Berets into your referral network.

Nat was dealing with some cyclicality in his business and his heavy prospecting approach just wasn’t sustainable. When you’re only prospecting, the well dries up and there’s nothing working for you in the business. That’s when he decided to focus on a relationship-based business. Listen to his unique approach and learn;
Nat also created a Google Earth Video Tour as an intro Charleston to help people learn the area before they moved there from across the country. Ultimately, he built a network of business owners. Listen and learn exactly how he engaged the community, helping them build their businesses, and by doing so, built a strong referral network for his own business.

  • Why an ambassador is an unpaid salesperson
  • Why business owners are ideal ambassadors
  • Why they drive stronger referrals and sales
  • How you can help business owners as well

For more information, visit www.referralspodcast.com to learn more and download his 15-page “How to Create a Google Earth Video Tour” document and visit www.bellaruby.com to see exactly how Nat structures his approach to a referral-based business.

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Nat Wallen
Michael Maher
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