Episode 34: Niche Market Referrals


Episode 34: Niche Market Referrals

​On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome Rita Driver to the show. Rita has her own brokerage in Memphis: All-Stars Realty. She holds a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing and business law and holds a master’s degree in criminal justice, homeland security and terrorism.

Given her unique background, Rita was one of the first real estate agents to carve out a niche in divorce real estate. Listen as she tells her story of becoming the expert in divorce situations in real estate.

Additionally, we’re talking about why niche markets are about problem-solving, but more importantly, we’re discussing important benefits and tactics of serving a specialized market, including:
Contrary to intuition, serving niche markets can improve performance in other markets. To learn more about the divorce market, reach out to Rita Driver on Facebook or email her at [email protected]. Visit www.referralspodcast.com to access our weekly gift to you, a complimentary download.

  • How to identify your own niche market to excel in
  • How to calibrate your motivations in niche markets
  • How to stay relevant to the wider market
  • How niche specialties make you more referable
  • How to network with adjacent roles in your niche

On this episode:

Rita Driver
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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