Episode 35: Lead with Generosity in a New Market


Episode 35: Lead with Generosity in a New Market

​One of the number one most-asked questions of real estate agents is how to break into new markets. It can be daunting, for sure, as clients depend on you to be knowledgeable about everything relevant to the area. You’ve got to learn the ins and outs, position yourself as an expert, build trust and build relationships - and you’ve got to do it quickly!

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Shawn Woods. Shawn has been an entrepreneur since the age of 27 and how, in 2017, a fire led to the realization that something had to change. She and her husband left California to live their dream to live in Florida. Listen in as we cover how to break into markets including:
Listen now to hear Shawn’s amazing and inspirational story for how leading with generosity led to a prosperous real estate practice and being the most-referred agent in the practice. Visit www.referralspodcast.com to access our free Passions for Profit real estate checklist. To reach out to Shawn, you can find her on Facebook at Shawn Woods or visit www.shawnwoodsrealtor.com or [email protected].

  • What the first book you absolutely must read is
  • How to build relationships in unexpected ways
  • How generosity builds business
  • Why you should put people over profits
  • How events can get the ball rolling
  • Why a perspective change is necessary

On this episode:

Shawn Woods
Michael Maher
Chris Angell