Episode 36: Endless Referrals Through the Power of Appreciation


Episode 36: Endless Referrals Through the Power of Appreciation

​In the world of sole entrepreneurship, referrals are absolutely essential to growing your business. Of course, a business with endless referrals would be a utopian state. If you’ve reached the limit of creative referral ideas you can come up with on your own, this podcast is for you.

In today’s episode of the Referrals Podcast, we’re going to share a secret, getting endless referrals is as simple as expressing appreciation. What are your thoughts on appreciation as a strategic tool to grow referrals to your business? Too soft? It won’t work in your market? Maybe you tried appreciation … once … and it didn’t work?

The truth is that appreciation is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen and grow your referral network. On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we’re dropping a fresh perspective on the power of appreciation to drive referrals! Listen in as we discuss:
Our entire capitalist model may be based on wanting - and unapologetically chasing - what you don’t have, but a lasting business can only be built on love, generosity, and appreciation.

  • What the true definition of appreciation is and the problem with love
  • Why we’ll run through a brick wall for an appreciative person
  • What influence truly is and why appreciation is a tool/law of influence
  • How to show (not just tell) your appreciation in creative ways
  • Why praise and compliments of others are ways of expressing appreciation
  • Why you shouldn’t ever miss an opportunity to praise or compliment another
  • The power of a hand-written note of appreciation

Appreciation is a superpower we all have the capacity to use, but may very well be the most under-utilized ability we have to generate referrals. So, try it in your business this week and see the surprising ways it pays off in your business!

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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