Episode 37:What Everyone You Know Wants


Episode 37:What Everyone You Know Wants

​What do you give the members of your tribe? It’s great if you can build a community of 150 people, but you absolutely must tap into what drives people psychologically if you want to build a strong community that results in a strong referral-based business.

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we are trying something new, a blitz episode of the podcast to answer one essential question - what does everyone WANT? Meaning, what drives people to join and participate in a tribe? Essentially, it comes down to giving people grace, which is an acronym for five things that drive strong tribe members:
Be sure to listen in because, as always, the answer is much more complex and nuanced than just one simple word. We’ll give you the context, tactics, and strategy you’ll need to go out there and give your tribe the grace they crave and deserve.

  • Generosity
  • Recognition
  • Appreciation
  • Community
  • Exclusivity

On this episode:

Chris Angell
Michael Maher

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