Episode 39: Lifetime Value Client Care System


Episode 39: Lifetime Value Client Care System

​Have you ever stopped to calculate the impact that one client will have on your business? Not just right now, this month’s or year’s sale, but the impact that one client can have on your business if they work exclusively with you over the life of your business?

Thinking about connecting with and nurturing clients over a lifetime can change your perspective - personally and financially.

On this episode of the Referrals Podcast, we welcome special guest Wendy Griffis. In addition to being a certified referral trainer and author of “Recognize the Difference,” Wendy also has a unique and fun way to create referrals for a lifetime.

Listen as she shares why she strongly believes that success is about creating relationships with people, not just selling houses. Other rich takeaways of today’s episode include:
In addition to all of this goodness, Wendy will share the one tactic that was 20% of her effort but made an 80% impact on her business. Ultimately, it’s about how you treat people that will determine how successful you are in business. Visit www.referralspodcast.com to learn more and download our free printable to help you put the advice from today’s episode into action.

  • What happens when you know the lifetime value of your clients
  • How to lead with relationship-building to increase the lifetime value
  • How to stop living in a sales-oriented mindset in real estate
  • Why approaching real estate as just transactional doesn’t work
  • How to implement against a relationship-oriented business
  • Which limiting beliefs hold you back in building a business
  • How to be both a giver and a receiver in the business
  • How to balance (demonstratable) competence with likeability

On this episode:

Wendy Griffis
Michael Maher
Chris Angell