Episode 40: How to Maximize the Information Zone


Episode 40: How to Maximize the Information Zone

​What does your mix of communication channels look like? Are you a phone call and in-person purist? Do you put all your eggs in the social media basket? Do you keep it classic with billboards and print ads? (Don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer here.)

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we’re diving deeply into the Information Zone, put simply, the areas of communication, from advertising to events to handwritten notes, that we have at our disposal to reach out to current and potential clients.

There are essentially four of these Information Zone levels or levels of communication that a business can provide to their clientele into the world. All have advantages and disadvantages and today covering the ins and outs of all the levels, including:
As the founder of Sears famously said, “I know 50% of my advertising works, I just don’t know which 50%” Here at Referrals Podcast, we strongly believe that when you apply the foundational truths of the generosity generation, you can leverage the Information Zone and the corresponding tools to maximum effect. As in all things, prioritize generosity and quality over greed and quantity.

  • How to stand out when everyone is suffering from information overload
  • How to create advertisements that stand out and capture the attention
  • Why you must look for a way to stand out in everything you do
  • Why an event-based business is essential to communication
  • What the beauty of changing the language to an invitation is
  • What the backlash to direct mail is - and how to circumvent it
  • How to leverage different advertising functions for maximum effect
  • How to make your efforts trackable and analyzable
  • How to combine different advertising channels and tactics
  • Why compelling language in advertisements is absolutely essential
  • How to include the WOW factor into your communications
  • How to build trust through social media and advertising
  • How your desired outcome influence what zone you utilize

For more information about the Information Zone, reach out to [email protected] and visit www.referco.com to access our free downloads.

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Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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