Episode 41:Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunts


Episode 41:Egg-cellent Easter Egg Hunts

​If you’re a regular to the Referrals Podcast, you already know we’re huge fans of hosting in-person events to grow your referrals network. Today, you’ll hear how one realtor followed the standard event template to create a winning event in a new market she’d only just recently moved to.

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome special guest Sharon Hyres to discuss the phenomenal success she’s experienced with her Easter egg hunts and what you can do to replicate her success, including:
Not only was her first event in a new market wildly successful, but it’s also resulted in more opportunities for Sharon to give back to local churches in her community, furthering the generosity generation. More importantly, Sharon digs into what she’ll do differently next time.

  • How Sharon overcame obstacles throughout the process
  • How to bypass gatekeepers and reach decision-makers
  • How to position your event to gain community buy-in
  • How to pick the right day and time to host any event
  • Which legalities and permits to consider ahead of time
  • What an ideal budget looks like and how to stick to it
  • How to evolve and grow an event over time
  • How much help you really need for these events
  • What to do at registration to gather the info you’ll need later
  • Which follow-up tactics resulted in referrals for Sharon

Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt or some other type of event, be sure to listen in for how Sharon quickly increased name recognition and brand affinity for herself in a new market.

Executing an event is the single-best tactic to meet as many people as possible in an authentic setting - and for them to see your own authentic self.

For more information on hosting your own stellar events, reach out to www.referralspodcast.com.

On this episode:

Sharon Hyres
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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