Episode 42: The Swiss Army Knife of Referrals


Episode 42: The Swiss Army Knife of Referrals

​One of the most effective tools you have to gain more referrals to your business is to distill the stories of clients you’ve helped in the past. Customer stories are one of the most effective tools you have, but simply starting with a blank piece of paper can be extremely daunting.

Knowing how to craft those stories and disseminate them is an essential skill. The beautiful part of the customer-stories-to-drive-referrals approach is that, when deployed properly, it serves as a multi-modal communication device. Or, the Swiss Army Knife of referrals. On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we’re discussing our seven-part approach to doing it right, including:
Listen in so you can start disseminating stories to get more referrals and be sure to go to www.referralspodcast.com to download the seven steps to a successful success story.

  • The secret to writing extremely effective success stories
  • How to create story arcs that put the client in the hero role (not you)
  • How to identify what stories are great for re-telling
  • How to identify what category the story fits in
  • Which results to look for and how to convey them
  • Which quotes and nuggets make great fodder
  • How to leverage past relationships for new referrals
  • What calls-to-action make sense for these stories
  • A reasonable clip to be adding stories to your cadence
  • Creative ways to disperse your stories to your customers

On this episode:

Chris Angell
Michael Maher