Episode 43: The Hidden Meaning Behind 7L


Episode 43: The Hidden Meaning Behind 7L

​On Referrals Podcast, we talk a lot about the 7L approach to conducting business and earning more referrals. Today, we’re going to share some key stories of the 7L principles in practice. Be sure to listen in, because we’re sharing tons of tips and tricks you can start using immediately, including:

  • The four things to do after networking with someone
  • How to turn one-time meetings into referrals
  • How to create a home court advantage
  • What natural strategies for creating referrals look like
  • Strategies for orchestrating masterful business lunches
  • Real-life customer stories of using the 7L approach
  • As a special treat, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just published a rich library of resources about the 7L strategy, including case studies! For more information and to download the cipher mentioned in today’s show, visit https://referrallibrary.thinkific.com/ to get access to the rich resource library of referral-driving resources.

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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