Episode 44: Big City, Big Impact Events


Episode 44: Big City, Big Impact Events

​Hosting a referral-driving event in a big city can be intimidating. Traffic, parking, venue selection, competing events can all be barriers to hosting a successful event.

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Craig Kaplan and Marco Gomez. In their business, Craig and Marco cover Long Island, Nassau County, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. As followers of the 7L system, they wanted to host an event, but were hesitant for all of the reasons above. Listen in as we discuss:
You can absolutely host very successful events despite the challenges of being in a big city! Visit www.referralspodcast.com to download examples of Craig and Marco’s event materials.

  • How they overcame “no-show” and wasted budget fears
  • Why it’s not so much the event, but the invitation that drives referrals
  • How to take a multi-modal approach to an event-based business
  • Why fears that geography would limit turnout initially held them back
  • Which types of events they’ve held and how they’re structured
  • What ultimately drove them to be successful in their efforts
  • What they did right - and wrong - in creating these events
  • What the outreach breakdown was (email, text, mail, phone)
  • What the return on outreach for various events looked like
  • How they created referrals from people who didn’t attend the event
  • What day of the week is key to host any event
  • How follow-up created a great touchpoint for the new event
  • How they used videos to promote their events
  • How multiple events creates momentum and excitement

On this episode:

Marco Gomez
Craig Kaplan
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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