Episode 47: The 1-on-1 Meeting that Changes Everything


Episode 47: The 1-on-1 Meeting that Changes Everything

​What’s your approach to building a pipeline that closes? Email marketing, advertising, mailers, cold calling like crazy? What if there was one simple activity-based challenge that could drive better, more reliable deals than traditional methods?

Queue the 90 in 90 days 1-on-1 meeting challenge! On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Mickey Pascarella from Philadelphia. In 2007 Mickey became a realtor in the most challenging market conditions to date.

After persevering that period, his business still wasn’t thriving, despite his agency making up to 10,000 cold calls per day! Listen to hear how used this simple, activity (not results) based challenge (90 1-on-1 meetings in 90 days) to turn his business around, including:
Ultimately, Mickey to the leadership position on this initiative and was able to flip his entire practice to be focused on relationship-building, and the results were outstanding!
Reach out to Mickey personally at: [email protected] or 215-680-1630. To download the list of question Mickey used in his challenge, visit www.referralspodcast.com.

  • Where the idea of the 90 1-on-1 meetings in 90 days challenge came from
  • Why the concept of activities-based goals versus results-based goals matters
  • Where too many people go wrong in setting goals for themselves
  • Why preparation is essential and how to overcome the frustration or the fear
  • Why you should never act like everything is leading to a transaction
  • What Mickey did to prepare for each meeting and key questions for success
  • How he ensured that people would show up to his meetings
  • Why you should choose people that are up a level from your current state
  • What the four questions that you must ask for a winning meeting are

On this episode:

Mickey Pascarella
Michael Maher
Chris Angell