Episode 49: How Adding Partners to Your Events Increases Referrals


Episode 49: How Adding Partners to Your Events Increases Referrals

​How would you like to be paid to prospect? For every phone call, door knock, office visit, email, etc. Well, when you structure events around partner networks, and your partners do the same, you are essentially being paid for prospecting activities!

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Christina Bentley who has leveraged this approach to achieve infinite ROI on her efforts. Listen as we discuss:
In addition to all this, Christina will share one lesson learned and something you should look out for when planning your own network. Listen now for an episode chock-full of tips, tactics and tricks to start hosting events that are low-cost and increase referrals for yourself and your partner network!
For more information, including a download of Christina’s event partnership levels, visit www.referralspodcast.com.

  • How to host events for essentially free or no cost to you
  • How to approach the partner conversation to get sponsors
  • What giveaway/raffle items are ideal to use in giveaways
  • What’s “in it” for partners who sponsor events
  • How to help partners engage with potential customers onsite
  • How to budget and reach zero cost for your events
  • How to build relationships and trust with your partner network
  • How to make your partner look like rockstars when onsite
  • How to get people to stay longer at your events
  • What the essentials of a great success story look like
  • How to leverage partners for onsite event support

On this episode:

Christina Bentley
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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