Episode 51: A SIMPLE Strategy to get Referrals


Episode 51: A SIMPLE Strategy to get Referrals

​What would you think if we said building an incredible business or real estate practice is simple?

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Pauly Domenech to the show who joins us on location from a property to share his story of how he followed a very simple strategy to grow his practice from closing only three properties within six months to today, a 21-million-dollar group!

Not just any property, his client is overseas serving our country needed to put his house on the market. Problem was, his client’s renters had decimated the front yard. Pauly and his team went out and personally fixed his clients yard so it would have maximum curb appeal

Pauly runs the Domenech group, he won the Jim Jackson award for customer service, and joins us today to share how his group does things differently, including:
Listen to all this and learn how Pauly grew his 86-transaction $21-million dollar group! For more information, visit www.referralspodcast.com,

  • What the early days looked like in Pauly’s real estate career
  • How Pauly structured his team to maximize individual strengths
  • What you need to do to grow a business - and do it simply
  • What the easy six-step SIMPLE approach to success is
  • How to change the internal stories around your preconceived notions
  • How to inspire people to hire you and do business with you

On this episode:

Paul Domenech
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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