Episode 53: Event-Based Business Building for Brokers


Episode 53: Event-Based Business Building for Brokers

​Everybody says “I can’t do events, they are too complex.” But if you can invite three people to grab beers, you can host an event. And interestingly, our events episodes are hands-down our most successful. Everyone has the skill to make it successful, but you just need to know the right process to execute against it.

On this episode of The Referrals Podcast, we welcome special guest Brandon Tracy. Brandon has quickly grown from individual contributors to a leader of a team of teams. Located in Phoenix, Montana and Costa Rica, Brandon has fundamentally benefitted from the importance of a great, graded database to help execute a strategy with ease.
It’s all about building a culture of great relationship-building. All this and why you absolutely need to own your own client acquisition strategy. We’re all here to grow a business and gain more freedom in our lives. For more information, visit www.referralspodcast.com.

  • Key aspects of structuring a great database
  • How to grade and act on your database
  • Why real estate fundamentals are critical
  • Why you should stop buying leads
  • How to nurture relationships at scale
  • How to onboard people into the database
  • How to communicate the value to staff
  • What’s wrong with most marketing
  • The real ultimate goal of advertising
  • How to express gratitude and trust
  • The power of leverage and influence

On this episode:

Brandon Tracy
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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