Episode 56: Getting Started with 7L


Episode 56: Getting Started with 7L

If you’ve been curious about how the fundamentals of the 7L approach to running a business, this episode is for you! We are addressing the fundamentals and tactics you can deploy today as well as a real success story of what the 7L system can do for you.

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we welcome Thommy Sandvick a health and life insurance agent from Orlando who took the 7L approach to relationship-building in his business. He’s been using 7L for a year and completely transformed his business and life. Listen as we discuss:
If you have a referral for Thommy or just want to reach out, go to www.thommysandvick.com where you can find out how to contact him, including his social profiles. If you have been a long-time listener, reach out to [email protected] for a special shout out and see what we can make happen in your area! Access free downloads of ALL of the 7L books at www.referrallibrary.com.

  • How an events-based business can transform your business
  • How following the event outreach approach drives attendees
  • Which types of events can work best for your audience
  • What a great voicemail that drives call-backs should be
  • Why the process itself is the most powerful tool to use
  • How to address crowd control and talking to everyone
  • Why sponsors are critical to a successful event
  • How to publicize attendees to bring a friend
  • How to ensure the room is filled with the right people
  • How to double down on the process that works

On this episode:

Thommy Sandvick
Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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