Episode 57: Giving Yourself Margin in Business & Life


Episode 57: Giving Yourself Margin in Business & Life

On this episode of Referrals Podcast, we’re free flowing on a critical topic - margin. No … not profit margin … but a similar concept. By margin, we mean a buffer in the time you allocate to doing different activities.

So many times, we live a life scheduled back-to-back with meetings, tasks, commute times, etc. The result of this packed schedule is that we run through our days, completely stressed.

However, it’s so important to block off time more time than you need to complete tasks. In this episode, we’re digging into that, but also, we’re giving ourselves a bit of margin for open discussion. The result? We’re serving up rich ideas on how to multiply your business this year. Listen as we discuss:
We’ll cover all this, but more importantly how to develop a spiral of success with your business with marketing that defies conventional wisdom. So listen now and for more information, visit www.referco.com, www.referralspodcast.com, or www.referrallibrary.com.

  • Why it’s important to always give yourself “margin” in everything you do
  • Why making extra time for tasks frees up your mind and relieves stress
  • Why it’s important to embrace stillness in your mind and your life
  • How to balance margin when you have someone scheduling on your behalf
  • How the 7L system helps you set up your business to run for you
  • How to go from 2-3 referrals a year to hundreds within a year
  • Why you don’t need as many people in your database as you may think
  • How to find the right people within your life to multiply your business

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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