Episode 9 - Nightly Ritual


Episode 9 - Nightly Ritual

It’s time for some sweet dreams! We’ve delved into morning rituals and Sunday night rituals to help pre-decide important decisions that can save time and stress and kick off your week properly.

The morning ritual is critical – and it starts the night before. In this episode of the Referrals Podcast, Michael shares an essential nightly ritual that’s based on what the most successful and happiest people in the world do.

Setting a nightly ritual is key to a productive day. Listen to the podcast and learn Michael’s DREAM method, including:

• How to set a screens-off time that works for the whole family.

• What reading materials are perfect to prep you for deep sleep.

• Which exercises are appropriate for an evening workout.

• How to reflect on your day without focusing on worry and challenges.

• How to meditate and the results you can expect from it.

You’ll also gain access to an infographic you can print out and place in your house as a reminder of the SWEET DREAMS method to keep these tips in front of you as a reminder. So listen now and start implementing nightly rituals for a happy, successful schedule.

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Chris Angell

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