Grow Your FaceBook Group to Over 100K Members


Grow Your FaceBook Group to Over 100K Members

Want to learn how to grow your community FaceBook Group to over 100K members and earn over $300K in less than 3 years? Meet our guest today, Realtor Ann Schute out of Gilbert, AZ. She shares with us:

• How a chicken suit launched her group

• How to make a difference in your community

• The 2 key factors that lead to her group growing so fast

Ann is a Rockstar with a huge heart and shares with us “what makes her heart sing.” She gives us the exact steps to take to start a FaceBook group, how to grow to 1,000 members, what to do next to grow to 5,000 members, and finally how to grow to over 50,000 members. PLUS, she shares with us what she’s been doing differently while in quarantine to keep her group engaged and still growing.

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Michael Maher
Ann Schute

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