Lesson 10: Pre-Leave Ritual


Lesson 10: Pre-Leave Ritual

In this, the tenth episode of the Referrals Podcast, Michael and Chris wrap up their series on rituals. We’ve covered morning and evening rituals, and in this final episode on the topic, we’ll cover pre-leave rituals. Pre-leave rituals happen right before the close of each work day and are critical to the success of the next day.

Being an entrepreneur is tough, as there is no true “end” to your day, but establishing boundaries is something we all must do to maintain our relationships, our health and our sanity. Rituals help us set up guardrails and give us tools to refuel and make our working time as effective as possible.

Michael and Chris will walk you through how to maximize your time, your enjoyment, and what you’re doing with your one and only life, including:
Listen and learn how Michael’s G.O. H.O.M.E. acronym can keep you focused and successful. We even have a beautiful infographic you can download and keep handy!

  • Why keeping things tidy clears chaos and clutter from your mind.
  • How a structured, even rigid, schedule can dial in your focus.
  • How embracing order can increase fluidity in your day.
  • Why it’s important to take time to give positivity to others.
  • How to think about money – saving it and making it – as a ritual.

Stay tuned for the next episode; special guest and world-renowned author of “The Go-Giver”, Bob Burg will be on the show to share his wisdom.

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Michael Maher
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