The Gift in This Shift


The Gift in This Shift

Looking for a reason to gain clarity right now? Meet Shaun Rawls: real estate entrepreneur, author, visionary. Today he teaches us to enjoy the float and ask the hard questions about what we are making with our time here in quarantine. He also asks us:

* What changes do I want in my life

* Why sleep is an indicator of your stress level

* If you are not happy right now, why you need to look at your inputs

* When I look back on this time, what am I going to regret

* Identify who and what gives you energy

These questions, and many more, will elevate your thinking during quarantine. Are you ready to “get back to work” when the all clear is given? Or are you still getting ready? The Great Float is coming to an end you better have your plan!

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Michael Maher
Shaun Rawls

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