What is Your Tennis Ball?


What is Your Tennis Ball?

What does a tennis ball have to do with quarantine? Our guest today, Roger Savy, thinks everything! What is your focus right now? How are you going to come out of quarantine? Learn this and:

• Three types of people will emerge from quarantine: Winners, Watchers, Whiners

• How we are moving from providing economical value to emotional value

• What is a PUFP call?

• How what you do now will impact your 3rd and 4th quarter in 2020

• What is the value of $100 bill

The best quote of this episode came from Michael when he said, “Money give you choices, but LOVE gives you everything!” This episode will open your eyes to the choices you are making right now, and how by inserting love to your response….you will win.

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On this episode:

Michael Maher
Roger Savy

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