Who Needs a Schedule?  YOU DO!


Who Needs a Schedule?  YOU DO!

Who needs a schedule? YOU DO!!! Don’t fall victim to the mindset that you don’t need to follow a schedule just because you are working from home. It’s a trap! And a trap that too many are falling into right now. Listen in to this conversation between Michael J. Maher and Neal Smith as they discuss:

• How to create the perfect schedule for yourself

• Why you should start with scheduling just 1 hour at first

• What is “white space” and why schedule it

• Keep the nonimportant items out of your day

• The kids need a schedule too

• Why you need an accountability partner for this

• Start by scheduling your morning routine

This is a much needed episode as we enter week 3 of quarantine. If you are feeling like things are falling apart or action items are slipping through the cracks, then take note of this episode. Also, if you need help getting started check out our upcoming 30Mornings class. Starts April 6th and there are a few spots left. www.30ams.com

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Neal Smith

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