Work From Home Mastery


Work From Home Mastery

Want to learn how to master this “work from home” thing? Meet Darla Evanoff, a Realtor out of Mustang, OK. She is a beloved member of our CRT cadre and a Certified Referral Coach. In this episode you will learn:

* How to start your day

* Morning ritual for kids

* Educational websites for kids

* What to say when you call your past clients right now

* What success suicide is and how to avoid it

This episode is packed with great content to help you navigate working from home with kids. Learn more about setting your day up for success by going to This 30 day challenge class is all about getting up better and setting your entire household up for success daily. Join the ongoing conversations by joining our private Facebook group at

On this episode:

Michael Maher
Darla Evanoff

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